The main campaign platform of the Hotel Workers Branch is to establish with local and global hotel chains a set of common principles which respect the rights of workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining as well as providing workplace access to Unite organisers to explain these principles to staff.

London Hotels

City Wide Agreement

On Minimum Standards


The undersigned employer has entered an agreement with Unite the Union to adopt the following
principles based upon the key provisions of both the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and the United Nations Global Compact.


  1. To
    respect the right of all employees to Freedom of Association within their
    workplace through the organisation of Unite as an independent trade union.


  1. To
    allow suitable access facilities for Unite officials to present to
    employees the benefits of trade union membership.


  1. To
    remain neutral in the face of union organising drives by Unite and to
    refrain from any acts of victimisation / less favourable treatment against
    active trade union members within their workforce.


  1. To
    provide for secret ballots on the establishment of collective bargaining
    arrangements where an independent validation of majority support can be
    established amongst the workforce.


  1. To
    respect the outcome of such ballots based on a straight forward majority.


  1. Where
    a majority vote in favour - to establish a bargaining framework which
    addresses the following key issues.



Recognition of Unite Workplace reps in the
following categories or combinations– Shop Stewards, Safety Reps, Learner Reps
and Equality Reps.


To engage in a genuine ongoing dialogue
regarding the phasing in of the London Living Wage as a minimum standard for
all employee, with equal treatment of sub-contracted and agency labour.


To develop a joint learning and training
strategy providing for equal opportunity for all employees in terms of
acquisition of skills, progression and promotion.


To work together to ensure the health, safety
and welfare of all employees is fully protected and respected.


To promote agreed policies and procedures to
ensure zero tolerance of workplace bullying and fair and transparent distribution
of tips and service charge


To jointly develop any other jointly beneficial
initiatives that may enhance the spirit and intent of the Core City Wide